Wood Flooring Grades

Rustic Grade

Rustic grade is a very popular choice among our customers. This is possibly due to the fact that it tends to be the least expensive but one shouldn't overlook the appeal of its appearance. With rustic grade, fairly generous allowances are made for colour variation, splits and cracks (which are often filled) and knots in the wood up to around 30mm-40mm in size.

Natural Grade

Next, above Rustic in the scheme is Natural Grade. You might also hear it called Mill Run and it will have stricter guidlines for allowable imperfections than Rustic Grade. Any knots should be no greater than 30mm in diameter. Any natural cracks or splits are filled to give a consistent look.

Wood Flooring Grades Guide
Wood Flooring Grades Guide

Select Grade

Select grade is 2nd only to Prime Grade in the classification system and is of a very consistent appearance allowing only for minor imperfections. These include: very small holes, unfilled knots no larger than a penny, slightly larger knots and splits that have been filled and finished, the presence of limited sapwood amounting to no more than 10% of a given board.

Prime Grade

Sometimes also known as A grade or Clear Grade, the wood used to create Prime Grade flooring is taken from the center of the log. For this reason, it will have a very low sap content, minimal colour variation, minimal knots and other imperfections such as splits and holes. Overall, it has a clean and even appearance.