Expressions in Colour

The Expressions in Colour range is a range of high quality, engineered wood flooring, produced and tailored to your exact specification from a wide range of options.

You can choose the width of your plank, the thickness and the grading as well as the colour, giving you the freedom to design your perfect flooring. You'll have no trouble finding the perfect flooring.

All our Expressions range are finished with UV oils that prevent fading due to sunlight exposure and are manufactuered at our own factory in London where we have been finishing floors for over 10 years.

Finishing Factory

Jordan's Wood Flooring has been finishing wood floors in London for over 10 years now and a good deal more previous to that in its original finishing factory located in Blackpool. These years of experience have served to make Jordans the premiere bespoke wood floor manufacturers in the United Kingdom today.

Not content with this, capacity is about to be greatly increased thanks to a serious investment in new and modernised plant for our factory now based in Mitcham.

We'll probably not be winning any Oscars this year for our film (seen on this page) but it really does give a good idea of the scale of our brand new finishing line. Perhaps, when this is up and running, we'll be winning some awards for Best in Class Bespoke Wood Flooring.