Jordan's Flooring Finishing Factory

Floor Finishing Factory

Introducing our bespoke wood colouring and finishing service from our Wimbledon based factory. Jordan's have invested over £100,000 on a new finishing line. This investment enables us to colour stain and also finish wood flooring with lacquer or oil. We import unfinished wood flooring in three widths. These comprise of 190mm, 220mm, and our wide board at 300mm. Engineered herringbone and distressed planks will be added to our collection soon.


The flooring is sanded smooth and comes with a natural rustic look. Alternative grades of wood are available so be sure to speak to our staff if you are looking for something other than rustic. Each plank is brushed in order to enhance the grain. The planks are then subsequently denibbed to take off any raised grain.

The process of brushing the flooring has the effect of opening the pores of the wood. This allows the finishing product, whether that be a lacquer or oil to penetrate and bond with the surface of the boards.

Jordan's Flooring Finishing Factory
Jordan's Wood Flooring Finishing Factory, Summerstown, Wimbledon

Brushing and Finishing

We adjust the depth of the brushing depending on the particular look we are trying to achieve. By enhancing the grain we give the floor a unique textured look and feel. The planks are then put through the finishing machine. The roller coater puts the first coat of colour on each plank. Following this the plank then goes through two buffing pads that impregnate the oil or lacquer deep into the wood for longer protection.

UV Drying

The UV drying machine dries the wood instantly. The planks are then checked and stored on drying racks prior to packing. The texture and colour are enhanced by this very high end finishing process. We can finish flooring of four types with over 60 different colours. This works out at over 240 possible options. Jordan's Wood Flooring are the leading bespoke flooring specialists in the UK today.

Jordan's Wood Flooring hold over 20,000m² of stock across our London showrooms.