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What is Herringbone Flooring?

What is Herringbone Flooring?

Parquet flooring has been popular since wooden floors were first introduced and was a sign of wealth and status in larger houses and stately homes. It refers to the use of smaller shapes oof wooden blockers to create patterns and the design range is really only limited by imagination. Although commercially available parquet planks ensure that certain patterns are more accessible and affordable.

Herringbone is one of the most popular styles of parquet flooring, creating a zig zag pattern. This floor pattern got its name from the shape of the spinal bone of the herring fish and it dates back to the Romans, although it really became fashionable during the 1600s.

There are still lots of variations within herringbone, depending on the size of the blocks used, whether they join up at the ends or overlapping, the colours available and also the materials. So you can still use your creative flair to design your perfect flooring for any project.

Traditionally herringbone floors were constructed from blocks of solid wood. Nowadays engineered wood flooring is by far the most popular choice for creating stunning herringbone patterns, although recent developments in other engineered flooring materials, such as vinyl or LVT and also laminate, have broadened the options available.

Constructed with a solid wood top layer but supported with a core of composite materials, engineered wood delivers the appearance and texture of a solid wood floor but with greater stability and other practical benefits – and also a lower price tag. 

We offer pre-finished engineered wood herringbone planks and also Bespoke Woodflooring, finished to order in our own London factory with a choice of 45 colours.

A relatively new flooring material, engineered vinyl, also known as LVT or LVP – luxury vinyl tiles or planks – is a great choice for modern living. Constructed from multiple layers it is robust and hard wearing, standing up well to the rigours of modern living. In addition some variants, such as the Pro-Tek range sold at Jordan’s Woodflooing, are 100% waterproof, so a perfect option for high moisture or spill arrears, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Laminate Herringbone Flooring

A popular flooring material due to the cost and ease to keep clean, laminate flooring comes in all shapes, sizes and colours, including herringbone. Still the lowest price flooring product it can look great, but can show up wear and tear more than the other options available.

Herringbone flooring not only adds style to any room, it is also very stable as the planks used to create the pattern are smaller than full sized floorboards. It also means that if one board is damaged, you only need to replace that one rather than a larger space.

Use our room planner and upload your own photographs to see how herringbone flooring can transform your space.

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