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Parquet flooring has been popular since wooden floors were first introduced and was a sign of wealth and status in larger houses and stately homes. It refers to the use of smaller shapes oof wooden blockers to create patterns and the design range is really only limited by imagination. Although commercially available parquet planks ensure […]

Jordan Wood Flooring 30 years Anniversary

Jordan’s Woodflooring opened its doors in 1992 as a family run business, specialising in the supply and installation of high quality engineered wood and laminate flooring in London and the rest of the UK. THIRTY YEARS OF QUALITY AND SERVICE November 2022 marks a momentous occasion for Jordan’s Woodflooring – our thirty year anniversary. From […]

Jordan Wood Flooring

Bespoke Woodflooring The Bespoke Woodflooring collection is a range of high quality, engineered wood flooring, produced and tailored to your exact specification from a wide range of options. You can choose the width of your plank, the thickness and the grading as well as the colour, giving you the freedom to design your perfect flooring, […]

Hello from all of us at Jordan’s. If you’re reading this, which I assume you are, you’ve found the very first Blog post to go on our new website. If you’ve visited our site before you may have noticed there’s been a few changes and we’re looking forward to bringing you further improvements and enhanced […]